Simple Ways to Ease Back into Life After Vacation


It can be tough getting back into the swing of the work week after a long weekend, especially if you were blessed enough to make a mini-vacation out of it. Yesterday, I had my face turned up to the California sun with pop music blasting in the background as I dished about life and debated race, politics and the gender gap with one of my loveliest friends.  This morning I landed at JFK and joined a sea of grimly resolute faces trudging back to the office as a winter storm begins to coat the city in snow.  All I want is to be in bed, curled up with some magazines and a cup of Clara’s Nutella hot chocolate but since that’s not happening, I’m focusing my energy on easing back into my regular routine with a few simple steps.

1. Sip hot water with lemon. Word on the street is that this drink has a detoxifying effect. I’m no scientist but I can attest to the fact that I love the way it makes me feel after a few days of being overly indulgent. It’s also perfect for a blustery day like today and just soothing enough to take the edge off being back in the office.

2. Revisit my calendar. Taking a look at what I have planned in the coming weeks helps me ease out of a lackadaisical vacation mindset and get back into work mode. If you try this and start feeling stressed out or overwhelmed by the tasks in front of you, go ahead and circle the next empty weekend in your calendar so you can start planning your next getaway or staycation to look forward to.

3.  Go to bed early. It can be tempting to try and make up for my weekend downtime by staying up late and attempting to be productive but in the long run it leaves me tired, grumpy and wishing I were back on vacation.  Turning in early to my own comfy bed (preferably freshly-made) reminds me that being home isn’t so bad and assures that I’ll wake up refreshed and ready to face the week to come.

How do you ease back into your regular routine after a vacation?

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  1. Besides throwing myself on the floor and crying… I really work to make sure that #3 happens…in a home that is clean and chore free when I return.
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted…How to Make Brunch at HomeMy Profile

  2. Oh, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things, can’t it? I try to ease into regular routine by setting myself small, achievable goals at least for the first day back to build momentum :)

  3. Yes! I always try to clean my apartment and make my bed with said freshly made sheets before I leave so I’m walking back into a welcoming and comfortable space where I can relax. I try to leave my office extra neat as well for the same reason.

  4. That’s a great tip! Thanks!

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