A Polished Commute With Latanya Rene- Headmistress of Sprinkles and Booze

Are you back into the swing of the daily commute yet? To help us get there, one of my favorite CT bloggers, event planner, graphic designer and all around superwoman Latanya Rene, Headmistress of Sprinkles and Booze is wrapping up the Polished Commute guest series! Follow her on Twitter and Facebook for your daily dose of glitter!



My Commute: 

I tend to go into NYC via Metro North for personal and business events. I travel in on a average 5-10 times a month.

How Long It Takes:

The overall commute can be about an hour and a half one way into Manhattan. Depends on what train I am able to get.

How I Use My Commuting Time Productively:

I usually brainstorm for upcoming blog posts, projects, or events I am working on. Either that or I am busy uploading photos to Instagram.

My One Commute Must Have:

Definitely my iPhone and my planner.

My Top Tip for a New Commuter:  

I would recommend wearing comfy shoes. The transit can get a bit crowded from time to time and you might get caught standing or running to catch the train. You want to make sure you’re completely comfortable and able to take on whatever the day brings.

One Myth About Commuting That I’d Like to Dispel:

In my case, my myths have proven to be true as far as the NYC commute goes. It’s a sad but true story. I’ve learned to roll with the punches.

The funniest/strangest/worst/most memorable thing to ever happen during my commute:

My funniest commute story is one that took place with a good friend of mine. She had just stepped foot onto the train in some stylish new heels. As soon as she sat down the guy sitting across from her puked on the floor and she literally became frozen with fear. It took a lot of me talking to her to calm her down and actually get her to move from her frozen state.


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  1. I’ve moved out of the city, but I sometimes take NJ Transit in to avoid traffic. I too must have my phone and planner. And I’ve definitely learned to roll with punches. Have a great weekend!
    The Pro Diva recently posted…Quick Meals For A Busy Diva…Bourbon Glazed Salmon!My Profile

  2. J Timothy Quirk says:

    Thanks for sharing the story! I commuted when I lived in Chicago, taking the EL. Understood where you were coming from!

  3. I would be absolutely lost on a train ride without my phone and/or a good read. Loved this series and hearing about everyone’s different take on their commute. Great choices for commuters!

  4. You just never know what you’ll get on a commute into the City! A tip for those new to commuting: look for the seats with the plugs so you can charge your phone. New cars have them at every seat; old cars have them on the ends.
    Carrie @ poet in the pantry recently posted…Stuffy Heads and Moving MilesMy Profile

  5. I think flexibility is key when it comes to commuting and anything that helps you stay on top of your schedule is a must!

  6. Have you take the NYC Subway recently? Would love to know how it compares to the EL!

  7. Thanks! Yes commuting is such a major shared experience but I feel like nobody ever talks about their experiences with it.

  8. Great tip! A dead phone on the train is never fun. A portable charger can also be a great commuting investment. Thanks!

  9. Evedything is veryy oplen with a clear description oof the challenges.
    It was definitely informative. Your site is very helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!
    Raquel recently posted…RaquelMy Profile

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